THRIVE: Mastermind Series

Join Tori Kruse and other Celebrity Guest Speakers at the THRIVE: Mastermind Series.

Tori and Guests will help you:

  • Leverage Your Network
  • Create Your Personal Brand
  • Embrace Transition
  • Build Key Relationships
  • Overcome Challenges
  • Become An Entrepreneur 

Tori is hosting this event in conjunction with The Global Beauty Awards

  • Location: Bellevue Hyatt Regency  –
    900 Bellevue Way NE
    Bellevue, WA 98004

  • Date: Saturday, May 28, 2022

  • Time: 10am – 1pm

We look forward to seeing you there!

Mastermind Speakers

Maureen Francisco

Maureen Francisco is the co-executive producer of NW Productions, LLC, a media and entertainment company that produces live events including the state qualifiers to Miss USA and Miss Teen USA for ID, MT, OR, and WA.

Maureen has mentored more than 1000+ contestants. In addition, she is the co-founder of an awards show that celebrates the pageant community at the international level, The Global Beauty Awards show, which is in its 5th year, scheduled for Sunday, May 29, 2022. GBA has honored the first female CEO of Loreal’s history, Jamie Kern Lima, the President of the Miss Universe Organization Paula Shugart, ybf founder Stacey Schieffelin and many others.

Maureen’s favorite role though is being mom to her son and watching him go after his dreams. 

Denise L. White

Denise L. White is the CEO and Founder of the EAG Sports Management, a company that specializes in handling those aspects of an athlete’s career that can be easily overlooked by an agent or team with an overflowing roster. In the past 20 years, she has taken her company from an initial concept for a couple of clients to a major player in the sports industry that retains an impressive list of athletes. Throughout the incredible growth of her business, Denise has maintained her personal approach, leaving no doubt about the investment of time and dedication she grants every client. This wholehearted commitment and attention to detail is the secret to her success as one of the very few successful females in an aggressive, male-dominated industry.

In 1996 after a successful career in broadcasting, Ms. White chose to expand her sports business experience by pursuing an entrepreneurial venture. She had noticed a gap between the roles of player agents and front offices when it came to career management services for professional athletes. In the NFL, where teams at times field 80 players and agencies sign, even more, it is easy for rookies and veterans alike to fall through the cracks. Denise used vision and determination to open an office where players could find individually tailored career assistance and development. Recently Hollywood came knocking to  produce a film about her life starring Jennifer Aniston.

Laura Hunter

Laura Hunter is the inventor of magnetic eyeliner. This game changing innovation was created in February 2018 in her own kitchen. Laura’s magnetic eyeliner and lash system disrupted the lash and cosmetics markets by making it dramatically easier for people to apply and wear false eyelashes. She founded LashLiner, Inc in 2018 to bring her patent-pending invention to market, alongside her co-founder and life partner, Bob Kitzberger, and in June 2019 launched Tori Belle Cosmetics. In addition to inventing magnetic eyeliner Laura has kept innovating and added numerous other patent-pending inventions and innovations to the company portfolio, including magnetic mascara, and innovative new designs for packaging, cosmetic componentry, and tools. She grew the companies to $15M revenue in the first fiscal year (2019) and has amassed over $80M by 2022. Today, Tori Belle Cosmetics is expanding worldwide.

Laura serves as the CEO of the organization, driving the vision and strategy and leads the product innovation, sales and support teams. Hunter founded Tori Belle on the ideals of opportunity, inclusivity, and community. In addition to disrupting the cosmetic industry Hunter and Kitzberger have set their sights on disrupting the direct sales channel. By allowing their tens of thousands of Affiliates to sell product through nearly all channels, both social and non-social, Laura has coined the term Flex-Channel Marketing instead of Direct Sales to better describe their business model and the opportunity presented to their Affiliates.

Stacey Schieffelin

Stacey Schieffelin grew up in the cattle industry on her families’ ranches in Florida and serves as a Senior Advisor to the Center for the American Worker at AFPI. Due to our country’s free enterprise system, Schieffelin, a successful entrepreneur for over 40 years, is considered one of the top six Star Entrepreneurs in the electronic retail TV shopping industry. She and her teams have culminated a 28-year global record of success through owning and supporting multiple brands on 8 LIVE TV networks in 28 countries.  Schieffelin has channeled her expansive entrepreneurial career in sourcing, manufacturing, financing, and distribution toward the empowerment of our Nation’s workforce and the spirit of the American Worker for Kingdom and Country.

Schieffelin began her career as a prominent international FORD model that spanned over two decades. She then quickly grew into a widely recognizable brand and market leader in the $500B beauty industry, and an award-winning business curator driving economic development in an ever-changing competitive landscape.

Tanya Memme

Tanya Memme’s has had a thriving Hollywood career for over 25 years.  She is a former Miss World Canada, Emmy Nominated, and award winning TV Host. She is currently the star of A&E’s  “Sell this House” and executive producer and star of “Smart Home Nation” on Crackle TV.   Her podcast “Life Masters” is available on all platforms. 

Coaching Testimonials

Clarissa R

Entrepreneur, Mrs. Singapore Finalist

Anna L

Miss Missouri Teen USA

"If I had to describe my experience working with Tori I would say, LIFE CHANGING! Tori's coaching program has been one of the most powerful experiences of my life. Tori went above and beyond in equipping me with the tools I needed to overcome life's challenges. My confidence has taken a total 180 because of her genuine guidance and support. I am living life with more purpose and will continue to use what I've learned for years to come."
Ashlyn H
"Tori is such an inspirational person. After going through her program it has truly made a huge difference. It has given me the confidence I need to take the next step in my life. Tori is an amazing person to work with!"
Katelynn T

Join 300+ Amazing Entrepreneurs who took the risk and succeeded!

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Start to grow your business with the best tips!

Here is your chance to get access to my exclusive freebies!

Start to grow your business with the best tips!

Here is your chance to get access to my exclusive freebies!

Join 300+ Amazing Entrepreneurs who took the risk and succeeded!

Here is your chance to be part of the exclusive Freedom Empowerer Group!!